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Even after we received awards, I successfully participated in several literary fairs, including the Bienal do Livro, the editorial seal
VALU AMAZING GRAPHICS only became a reality in the year 2018. This provided us with extensive independent market research, and a huge proximity to the public. What today helps us to make a product that the consumer market has already endorsed and is familiar with.

With the maturing of our studio's partnership with market players, VAS became a sponsor and curator of the 2019 BIENAL within the stand of the Rio de Janeiro State Department of Culture (SECECRJ), and also began working with brands to democratize their publications and foster the independent market of comics and books, making it possible for 56 independent authors to have free access to the Bienal of that same year, selling their works and lecturing to the general public.

In 2020, a new phase begins, VAS becomes a partner in a literary event called RIO COMICS, which has been successful since 2017.
And together with SEBRAE, its partner and accelerator for 5 years, they begin to design a training system for market agents.