We started as an animation studio in 2001, but evolved into a multi-platform 360º experience producer, where we work with animation for TV series, video clips, soundtracks, comics, books, and feature films.

Using all these techniques to tell the best story to the audience.

We are always in international markets and their trade fairs, in order to exchange experiences and bring what is most modern and assertive to our customers and partners. We've already participated in Kidscreen, ExpoToons, Annecy Festival, Chile Monos, Womex, Midem, Rio2C, among others.




Poti, a five-year-old boy, sees a bright star in the sky and asks it:

  - Find the way to happiness.

The star decides to help him, and together, they will travel to unknown planets and meet people who will help them in their adventures.

The series participated in the official selection of the festival EXPOTOONS 2015 in Argentina, MOSTRA DE CINEMA CHILDREN 2012 in Florianópolis and FICA.VC 2017.

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Five young people gain incredible powers after venturing to explore the JARAU cave, which according to Guaraní-Gaúcha legend, is cursed by the sorceress TANIAGUÁ.

The series was audience leader in two times on TV BRASIL, and winner of the FICA.VC 2018 festival.

JARAU is available through NetNOW, Amazon Prime, Vivo play, LOOKE platform, and here on VALUFLIX.



Ditto and Ark, are two beasts in ultra-radical sports that will live incredible adventures after colliding with two small robotic extra-terrestrials, whose mission is to save the earth from an ancient enemy.

Lots of action and adrenaline, in the adventures of "MEGASONICS".

Series selected for the EXPO TOONS festival in Buenos Aires and  STAY.VC

in Rio de Janeiro.

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Since 2010 we have been working extensively with music professionals, trying to amplify their messages. And this opened many doors for us to markets all over Brazil and also opened the borders to several continents around the world.

We love to tell these stories in a more intimate and committed way. A lot of these projects we ended up sponsoring, and we treat them as our own copyright projects. And that has no price.

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This is where it all started. From here comes our DNA. Advertising and institutional films.

These large Brazilian and foreign companies honored us with their confidence to represent their brands in front of the general public. And this is a huge responsibility, which we are proud to accept.

Seeking the essence of the brand, translating its ideals, into short films for the public, is a journey that always makes us grow more and more as storytellers and narrative translators. 

See a little of these projects that made us so proud. 


It is always a great challenge to represent large companies such as Petrobras and its subsidiaries Transpetro, and we are very happy to have believed in Valu Animation Studios in so many opportunities. Including to design the company's vision for the future of its activities and workflow. 

See a little of what we produce for this giant in the world of oil and sustainable energy sources worldwide.


2018 was a challenging year for our company. With the performance of VAS in the publishing market as an independent comic book, completing its second anniversary, the need to take the next step and commit to the publishing market became clear. And so came our publishing label Valu Amazing Graphics, which ironically is the company's original name.

Within the seal we opened two ways, which are comics and manga with Valu Comics  and Valu Amazing Graphics for the books. 

Today we already have the Megasônicos franchise with 5 volumes, a co-production with Capa Comics, which gave life to Pedra Rara , the children 's book The Adventures of Poti & Anda Luz , based on our animated series, and this year we will launch Quest Asab - Atravessar .