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Krita is a tool for creating illustrations, concept art, comics, digital paintings, 2D animations, also enabling it to be used as a photo retouching and manipulation program, format converter, supporting various color models and HDR painting  ...  If you liked it, download the program in this  link


Do you want to make your ANIMATION, but don't have the money to invest in a professional program? Meet KRITA.

It is a free program, based on bitmap animation, that delivers a very robust and friendly pipe line. Watch this video and start now making your own animation with these video tips. Leave here in the comments what you think of the program. 

Como fazer animação
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Animação 2d | TUTORIAL | KRITA

Animação 2d | TUTORIAL | KRITA

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I love animation, but I'm also fascinated by the business world, which I'm also part of with my studio and some other businesses that I'm involved with.

One of the people I admire in this business world is GARY VAYNERCHUK. Also known by the pseudonym GARY VEE.

So I decided to pay homage to him, animating the super hero  Airport Gary. And fortunately for me, your team got in touch with me and said they loved the animation.

And you, what you think?